Hyrdaulically Operated Single-Row Corn Silage Machine

You can supply your forage needs with a cheapest and healthy way with ÖZBUDAK Silage Machines having Transmission. Our silage machine’s moving parts provides its power directly from the shaft, which provides maximum efficiency with minimum power. Thereby, it functions properly for years without exhausting the tractor. Our machine contains a safety system against extreme strains. The machine is attached to the tractor with a three-point hydraulic system. The tractor can be adjusted easily in the furrows or between furrows in the field with the displacement of the coupling lever shaft.

The most important factor of the silage machine is the sharpness of the chopper blades. You can easily sharpen the hardened blades made from special alloy steel on our machine by knife sharpener system in a short time. The chimney system can be opened easily in order to access to the chopper blade unit for necessary and easy blade adjustments. Thus, the desired length of the material is acquired

Technical Features

Length 2500 mm
Width 2300 mm
Height 3500 mm
Mowing Blades 2 pieces
Chopper Blades 12 pieces
Tractor Tail Shaft Speed 540 rpm (min.)
Length of Chopped Material 3-5 mm
Attaching to the Tractor Three-point suspension
Work Speed 10 km/ hour
Work Capacity 35 ton/hour
Tyre Size 500 x 8 "
Tyre Inflation Pressure 29 psi

Product Photos

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