Row Independent Maize Chopper

In general terms, the most commonly used tractor power in the market is between 70 and 90 horsepower. The biggest issue of the farmer who decides to buy a row independent maize chopper is the insufficiency of tractor power. ÖZBUDAK Row Independent Maize Choppers are trailblazer in the industry in terms of power requirements amongst its competitors.

As a matter of fact, our experiments and the machines that are sold to 70-horsepower tractors and carries out hundreds of acres of silage on the market proved this. Because ÖZBUDAK Row Independent Maize Chopper can carry out silage easily with 70 horsepower regardless of the brand of the tractor. Videos containing these are available on our multimedia page.

ÖZBUDAK Row Independent Maize Chopper also puts an end to the biggest problem of opening roads in the cropland first while using the single-row machines. In addition, the major accidents that occurred as a result of manual feeding in single-row machines were also eliminated.

As in our other products with ÖZBUDAK brand, we produce the hundred percent of our row independent maize choppers with our wide range of machine park by ourselves. From its blades to the transmissions, all of the machine parts are manufactured in our factory. We have no dependency on elsewhere for spare parts.

As a matter of fact, the ability of our machine to operate with small horsepower tractors is reflected  in the fuel. Regardless of the tractor brand, it operates with minimum fuel consumption and it is a plus point to the user.

Technical Features

Work width 1200 mm
Height 4350 mm
Width Back 1870 mm
Width Side 3300 mm
Machine work speed Approximately 10 km/h
Number of mowing drums 1 piece
Chopper Blades 12 pieces
Spinner 12 pieces
Tractor Tail Shaft Speed 540 / 750 / 1000 rpm
Weight 1240 kg
Tyre Size 175 x 70 x 13
Work Capacity 40-50 tons/h
Tractor power requirements 70 hp

Product Photos

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