Double-Chopping Grass Silage Machine

ÖZBUDAK double chopping (DoubleChop) grass silage machine is used for the silage of all green forage plants(barley, wheat, oat, rye, vetch, clover).You can store these types of plants in the ideal sizes after cutting with ÖZBUDAK double chopping Grass Silage Machine. So you can ensure that your animals are fed without the need for corn silage and industrial feeds in the seasons with no green forage. In addition to this, you can make your animals eat healthy and nutritious feeds with a daily mowing in the green forage period.

Thanks to the durable, high-performance transmission box on ÖZBUDAK double chopping grass silage machine completely produced by ourselves, you can easily make silage with your tractor.

The moving blades of ÖZBUDAK double chopping grass silage machine made of special steel reduce the fractures to minimum by throwing back the hard objects that interrupt during the mowing process. Also produced from very special steel, the chopping blades cut the material mowed for the second time in order to obtain the healthy silage size.

Thanks to the hydraulic system that ÖZBUDAK double chopping grass silage machine has, the removal of the machine's chimney, the switching of the chimney to the left and right, the movement of the hood up and down, and the shape height of the machine can be performed easily.

Technical Features

Working width 1500 mm
Weight 1100 kg
Width 2500 mm
Length 1850 mm
Height mm
Average chopping length 5-8 cm
Mowing Blades 32 pieces
Chopper Blades 8 pieces
Attaching to the Tractor Three-point suspension
Power Reqirements 45/60 kw/hp
Tyres 2 pieces (175 x 70 R13)
Tractor Tail Shaft Speed 540 rpm

Product Photos

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