Articulated Type Grass Silage Machine

ÖZBUDAK articulated type grass silage machine is used for harvesting silage materials such as legumes, graminae and clover just like our other silage machines. With this machine you can mow, chop and store these kinds of plants in desired sizes. Thus, during the seasons when no green forage, your animals will not be deprived of green forage. You can also meet your daily green forage need during their season.

ÖZBUDAK articulated type grass silage machine is connected to the tractor with three-point suspension system. Because of this feature, when a stone or similar object is seen on the surface of the field, it can be raised and removed by the hydraulic sleeves for uninterrupted progress. With the hydraulic assembly that is independent from the tractor, you can easily control the movements of the chimney and the hood during mowing.

Product Photos

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