Articulated Corn Silage Machine

The articulated corn silage machine which our company developed in 2004 eliminates the difficulty of transporting silage machines from one place to another. This model that can be completely folded backwards also provides excellent ease of use in the field alleys. In addition, this model has storage advantages during the seasons that the machine is not in use.


Technical Features

Length 2500 mm
Width 2300 mm
Height 3500 mm
Mower Blades 2 pieces
Chopper Blades 12 pieces
Tractor Tail Shaft Speed 540 rpm (min.)
Length of Chopped Material 3-5 mm
Attaching to the Tractor Three-point suspension
Work speed 10 km/ hour
Work Capacity 35 ton/hour
Tyre Size 500 x 8 "
Tyre Inflation Pressure 29 psi

Product Photos

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