About Us

ÖZBUDAK Makina, which is known for its innovations in silage machine industry today, was founded by Lütfü ÖZBUDAK in the 1970s. 

Our company continues its activities in Ödemiş located in Küçük Menderes basin, which is one the most common places of animal husbandry in Turkey. ÖZBUDAK Makina became a brand in demand both domestic and internationally with high quality machines that it produced for silage machine industry. From its blades to the transmissions of the machines that are being produced today, all components are manufactured via its own wide equipment pool. ÖZBUDAK Makina has also officially registered the reliability and quality of the machines that is produces with test reports and quality certificates from authorized institutions.

ÖZBUDAK Makina is increasing its market share as the days pass and also sells its products to the distributer offices in Turkey as well as with Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and Beet Cultivators Cooperatives Association.

We are diversifying the territories we are exporting to day by day and continuing to establish distribution network worldwide.

Our History

  • 2017Production of the First Double-Chopping Grass Silage Machine

    The double-chopping grass silage machine, which improves the mowing quality of grass silage machines, is added to the product range.
  • 2015New Step to the Institutionalization

    ÖZBUDAK Makina is becoming a corporation.
  • 2014Production of the Row Independent Maize Chopper

    Turkey meets a row independent maize chopper that runs with 75 horsepower tractor.
  • 2013First Step for the Row Independent Maize Chopper

    Now row independent maize chopper is starting to operate.
  • 2009Production of First Articulated Grass Silage Machine

    Now the production of the articulated grass silage machine is starting.
  • 2007Production of the First Flail Mulcher and Potato Grass Cutter Machine

    Now the production of the flail mulcher and potato grass cutter machine is starting.
  • 2006Production of the First Grass Silage Machine

    Drawn type grass silage machine is added to our grass silage machine range.
  • 2005Production of the First Drummed Mower

    Now the production of the drummed mower is starting
  • 2004Production of the First Articulated Corn Silage Machine

    The problem of the single row corn silage machines about carrying is solved with the articulated corn silage machine.
  • 2001Production of the First Grass Silage Machine

    With the start of the production of grass silage machines, ÖZBUDAK brand becomes widespread in the industry.
  • 1999Production of the First Corn Silage Machine

    Now the production of the corn silage machine is starting.
  • 1996Introduction to the Silage Machinery Industry

    ÖZBUDAK Makina enters the silage machinery industry.
  • 1985Introduction to Agricultural Machinery Industry

    ÖZBUDAK Makina enters the agricultural machinery industry with fertilizer spreader and chisel plow production.
  • 1970Establishment

    Our founder Lütfü Özbudak lays the foundations of ÖZBUDAK Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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